To be, or not to be, Intoxicated

Jinja is a small city in Uganda set on the banks of both the Nile River and Lake Victoria. Yes, the source of the mighty River Nile. Naturally, it provides a great escape from development work and the hustle bustle of Jinja life. As with any city, the multitude of people and traffic can create noise and irritation. Enter: water! Whenever I can, I escape to a café, a hotel garden, or to the shoreline, for a coffee or a beer…. all just a ten minute boda boda ride away.

Yet, it just doesn’t cut it. Something is missing from the environment. I see attempts at beautifying the surroundings, but the attempt seem falls short. Having spent much time in South East Asia, I am spoiled by the charm and exquisite designs. I recall the intoxicating esthetic of Bali, with jaw-dropping doorways, gardens and lounges. The scent of flowers and eyefuls of stone and wooden carvings creates a drunkenness of the senses. Oh to be drunk…..

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