Moments in Madness

# times plumes of thick, black smoke emitted from exhaust pipes daily…. 20x
% goats chained to posts, nibbling grass…..100%
# times got licks and hugs from gym puppy who I secretly unchain and feed…..10x
% of Main Street covered in garbage and dirt….100%
# minutes waiting for the average webpage to load….4 minutes

***Most humorous profile of the week: Rwandan radio show host who doubles as a Hindi-language recording artist who doubles as a Rwandan Witch Doctor
***Most surprising revelation of the week: At the age of 54 (soon to be 55), I was guaranteed pregnancy if I drink a potion (by the witch doctor), then have sex (by the witch doctor), and conceive (5 children)
***Tackiest medicine name: “Da Cof”
***Rip Off of the week: Boda Boda driver trying to charge double (well, this one is every week)
***Shock of the week: white girl wearing a thigh-high tunic with slits revealing blue underpants NO!!!!!! She’s cute, but Not in this conservative society….she’s ruining it for those of us trying to conform and respect the culture. Sigh.
****Light moment of the week: Dancing to Despacito (watch out in the Academy Awards tonight!) on the streets of Uganda****